Hospital Agreement



This agreement is made at Sukkur on the day of April 16th 2019 between Institute through its Director, Mr. (Name)  holder of CNIC 00000000000000 (hereinafter called INSTITUTE) and Hospital through its Chief Executive, holder of CNIC No. 0000000000000000 (hereinafter called HOSPITAL) to provide the clinical training rotations to the students of INSTITUTE under following terms & conditions;

  1. Name of the Training Institute is name_of_institute.
  2. (HOSPITAL_NAME) will be teaching hospital of INSTITUTE.
  3. HOSPITAL is no_of_beds bed general hospital having all required facilities of patients caring and treatment.
  4. HOSPITAL staff and patients will facilitate teaching. However patients’ rights (safety, convenience, and confidentiality) will be upheld.
  5. Students attending clinical classes in HOSPITAL, house officers and post graduate trainees of INSTITUTE will observe the discipline and code of ethics. They will make certain that the patient is not harmed in any way.
  6. Any student attending clinical classes at HOSPITAL, house officer and post graduate trainees of INSTITUTE if found involved in any immoral/indecent activity will be dealt with through the Campus Director of the Institute. A written complaint will be lodged by the respective administration of teaching hospital.
  7. Medical equipment and other training aids in HOSPITAL will be available for use by the students, house officer and post graduate trainings whereas INSTITUTE will assist in updating and maintaining these equipment.
  8. Stipend to Nurses, Technicians, Students, house Officer & PG Trainees working in HOSPITAL can be paid by HOSPITAL if convenient.
  9. INSTITUTE will in return provide in the following uplift of patient care through:-
    1. Free manpower of nurses and paramedical staff for duty for the HOSPITAL.
    2. Financial support to HOSPITAL in term of scholarships to the paramedical Diploma/ certificate trainees and students recruited by the HOSPITAL.
    3. One free education scholarship per year on behalf of HOSPITAL.
    4. Increasing the patients through membership card for HOSPITAL.
    5. Assistance in capacity building of staff posted in HOSPITAL.
  10. All parties have faith that objective of the agreement is to ensure uplift of healthcare in HOSPITAL through improvement in diagnostic and therapeutic services.
  11. Interest of the patients during the course of study will not be compromised at any cost.
  12. INSTITUTE shall ensure that discipline and dress code is maintained by the students, house officer and post graduate trainees and they strictly observe the rules/regulations led down, and display upright conduct and ethical treatment of patients.
  13. Any damage to the property of HOSPITAL due to negligence of students, house officers and post graduate trainees shall be made good by the INSTITUTE.
  14. The INSTITUTE would indemnify HOSPITAL from any injury or harm caused to their students / house officers/trainees during the course of clinical training.
  15. Not withstanding the obligations of both of the parties covered in this MOU to act as teaching hospital/units for INSTITUTE , the hospitals will accord due priority to both indoor and outdoor treatment of entitled patients without compromising the quality of medical care otherwise dispensed to them. The INSTITUTE will ensure that no inconvenience is caused to the regular working of the hospital and the students abide by instructions / policies laid down by the students for smooth functioning of the hospitals.
  16. The HOSPITAL retains the right to temporarily suspend all clinical training activities of INSTITUTE during period of Med Emergencies or outbreak of war / hostilities invoke by Government of Sindh.
  17. The teaching experience certificate of clinical faculty members / students of INSTITUTE shall be signed by the respective administrative officer of HOSPITAL and Director of INSTITUTE.
  18. Hose job rotation certificate will be issued by the HOSPITAL while the foundation year certificate will be issued by INSTITUTE. House officer who do not appear in the final exam will not be issued foundation year certificate. They will only get house job rotation certificates.

Both of the parties are agreed upon said terms & conditions and give the signature below;



On behalf of INSTITUTE On behalf of HOSPITAL
Principal/ Director of Institute



Director of Hospital