Institutes Development

How We Work

EduCareer Management facilitates services for development of new institutes as well as running institutes with addition of new programs,faculties and departments.


We facilitate following services;

  1. Advice for Legal Arrangements
  2. Advice for Development of Infrastructure according to requirement of Regulatory Bodies
  3. Advice for Arrangement of Equipment of Laboratories and Library
  4. Arrangement of Faculty and Support Staff
  5. Documentation for Recognition and Affiliation
  6. Coordination and Follow Up with Regulatory Bodies
  7. Mock Inspection by Experts
  8. Marketing and Business Development of Institute
  9. Recruitment of Students for admission
  10. Management of Students Affairs Department

Medical and Health Institutes & Faculties:

  1. School of Medicine
  2. School of Dentistry
  3. School of Nursing
  4. School of Rehabilitation
  5. School of Pharmacy
  6. School of Optometry
  7. School of Medical Laboratory Sciences
  8. School of Medical Imaging Technology
  9. School of Operation Theater Technology
  10. School of Psychology
  11. School of Public Health
  12. School of Medical Education