Consulting Services

EduCareer Management (SMC-Private) Limited is registered education development consultancy company and have been facilitating its clients since 15 years.


We have served Government, Army and Private organizations and developed institutes as under;

  1. 1500 Intermediate colleges,
  2. 25 IT Center
  3. 10 Degree colleges,
  4. 2 University colleges,
  5. 1 Medical college
  6. 5 Institutes of health sciences and Pharmacy
  1. Registration of Legal Entity and NTN No.
  2. Feasibility Report of the institute in view of policies of regulatory bodies
  3. Comparison Report of operational Health Institutes in Rawalpindi/ Islamabad showing programs, intake of students, scope of programs, market trend, financial layout and placement of our graduates
  4. Development of Rules of Business (Policies, SOPs) of the institute
  5. Guidance for development of Financial, Academic, Training, Evaluation, Exams, Library, Discipline, HR, Marketing, Admission, Students Affairs and Clinical Training systems
  6. Recommendation of programs (Under Graduate, Diplomas, Certificates, CMEs) as per resources
  7. Linkage with industry and international collaborations
  8. Guidance to mobilize the available resources and minimize the investment and operational cost
  9. Development of administrative and faculty team of the institute
  10. Hiring of Faculty and staff as per policy of regulatory bodies
  11. Technical Guidance of Sciences Labs, Library, Building, Equipment, Furniture, Infrastructure, clinical rotations and clinical facilities as per policy of regulatory bodies
  12. Documentation of Recognition & Affiliation Files for Regulatory Bodies
  13. Submission of Recognition & Affiliation Files in relevant regulatory bodies
  14. Following the regulatory bodies for inspection & notifications
  15. Presentation before inspection team
  1. EduCareer Management shall charge consultancy services charges against its services.
  2. EduCareer Management shall have exclusive rights of consultancy for development, affiliation and recognition of programs of the Institute for the period of agreement.
  3. The Institute shall arrange the finances, resources and facilities as per requirement of the regulatory bodies and proposed by the EduCareer Management.
  4. This agreement shall be for the period of three academic years.